How you could implement, not fight the development of journalism.

With the development of the technological informational world, journalism itself has grown into a more implemented information portal. The birth of social media, easing not just for the people gaining access towards new information but news medias in spreading the word, not to mention with the internet arise, anyone can write a piece and give an opinion on any random topic and call themselves a “journalist”. However, the term fake news comes forth from this phenomenon, giving contrast to news medias in their existence. As Charlie Becket, journalist and London School of Economics and Political Science media professor mentioned in his piece,

“It (fake news) gives mainstream quality journalism the opportunity to show that it has value based on expertise, ethics, engagement, and experience”

fake-news-image.pngcredit: First Draft News

With that being said, journalism will never really die, rather it will develop more in following the flow of technologization.

Credit: Nabila Ernada

So how would a journalist survive in making it in the new culture of journalistic opinion? Honesty and transparency as well as adaptation. There is no point in adapting towards the new environment if honesty within the words cease to exist, as it would the other way around. Aware and alert on what is going on and understand how to differentiate what is what and where it belongs. With those factors being a strong background, add on boldness and originality in order to stand out in the epoch of modern opinion.


If you think you have what it takes in surviving the new era of journalism as well as overcoming so-called faux, join our team of honest, modern journalists in telling news-worthy stories for the world.


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