The Journalist & the Smartphone

Smartphones are becoming a journalist’s essential tool in today’s era of journalism. Not only in recording facts but also in editing and distribution as well.

credit: BBC

The smartphone is able to take notes, record audio and video and send and share information via one click. What more could a journalist ask for?

Poyntera must-read blog for any aspiring journalist mentions a few key things that every journalist should take out of the smartphone into the journalist’s routine in this article titled 5 ways journalists can use smartphones for reporting’Aside from the obvious function of recording, the article also mentions ‘filing copy on deadline’ which I find very important for a journalist in handing in assignments on time – the smartphone gives efficiency in publishing pieces.

Another perk of the smartphone is that it increases resources for news media. As everyday citizens can now contribute to traditional news outlet by sending in news from their own handheld device. One case is the 2003 Iraqi invasion, everyday citizens were handing in their own footage to big media – now, in some news media, footage from citizens has its own segment in highlighting everyday issues around the globe.

Truth Voice mentioned in this article, that the camera on the smartphone becomes a “..objective observer” in regards to facts. What is recorded is purely what is recorded, giving journalists a more open opinion towards the piece they are writing without gaining perspective from a subjective source.

The smartphone, of course, deserves the ‘smart’ it is labelled by. And with the combination of words, facts and wit – anyone can create a “great story”.


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