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Junior Space Celebrates 1st Anniversary with ‘One’ and Kick Starter Campaign

Junior Space succeeded to reel in over 75 people in celebration of its first year anniversary through the opening night of the exhibition named ‘One’ — an exhibition in tribute to the spaces first anniversary showcasing mixed media art by the space’s own art community.

Junior Space is an art gallery and store that is located on the corner of Smith St and Gertrude Smith in Fitzroy, it is home to many notable artists and is a continuous supporter of creative entrepreneurs — Bec Capp, owner and director of the space shares the philosophy on Junior Space and how the name reflects the actions the gallery is doing.

‘The word Junior comes from being small, I find it when people say short or small its always condescending while I like to think it’s tough — I didn’t want to limit it to be just being gallery or shop.’


Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
Bec Capp & Wanda


B004870-R3-19-5A.JPGBec finds people walking into the gallery with an element of surprise. Foot traffic that goes by Smith St is attracted by the retail experience the gallery has to offer, and is then followed by the actual gallery space past the stairs.

However, despite celebrating its first year anniversary — Bec shares the struggle it does own a gallery where commission for artists doesn’t play a big role into the gallery’s financial wellbeing. With the rent increasing in Fitzroy, this has not only impacted Junior Space but well-known contemporary gallery Gertrude Contemporary has moved to Preston with the reason of expensive rent.

Sally-Forth, art student and gallery visitor believed that not only the expensiveness of the suburb but also the condensed scenes going in the same area.

‘Theres already too much, there is already too much there so if there were any new places, it will be too condensed. No opportunity to start something new.’ Sally also adds on that she thinks suburbs such as Preston and Doncaster can play as the new ‘arts hub’ of Melbourne.

Gallery director of This is No Fantasy in Fitzroy, Nicola Stein, mentioned that ‘non-for-profits and non-commercial galleries wills that moving further out and probably a few commercial galleries as well because the rent in Fitzroy becomes incredibly high’ as the notable Gertrude contemporary makes it move to Preston.


But on a positive note, Bec managed to continue on Junior Space’s work by getting involved with Kick Starter — an online based funding program, where just last Sunday (4/6) has managed to reach the target fund of $7,516

You can see the full video on my channel here.